CT5 - 1st Plenary Meeting in Bratislava

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Highlights Core Theme 5: RES in Transport

Headline 1: RES-T 2020 Target

CT5 participants discussed the progress Member States have made in reaching the 2020 target for 10% RES in transport as well as feedstocks and renewable fuels currently in use in the Member States and main policies. In addition, lessons learned during the introduction of E10 in one Member State were presented.

Headline 2: Implementation of the ILUC Directive

CT5 participants looked in more detail at progress with the implementation of the ILUC Directive in Member States. Case studies from two Member States were presented to discuss the specific challenges Member States encountered and which solutions were developed  to implement the ILUC Directive. In the following discussion, Member States shared their experiences and challenges, and the Commission representative and other Member State representatives were able to provide clarification on legislative requirements and options for implementation to consider.

Headline 3: Interpretation and Accounting Challenges

In the third session, CT5 participants focussed on the specific challenges encountered in the implementation and application of EU legislation and guidance, in particular the challenges encountered with the interpretation of Annex IX part A of the Renewable Energy Directive and differences in accounting for fossil fuel methanol in biodiesel. The two issues were discussed with representatives from the Commission and a voluntary scheme. In regards to the latter issue the need for a formal Commission clarification, and for all voluntary schemes and suppliers to follow Commission guidance on GHG calculations, was emphasised in order to ensure harmonised approach. As part of the discussion, further issues and challenges were raised in regards to key definitions, process and GHG accounting.