CT5 - 5th Plenary Meeting in Copenhagen

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Highlights Core Theme 5: RES in Transport

Headline 1: Progress towards 2020 Targets and Implementation of the Revised Renewable Energy Directive

In the first session, the European Commission provided an update on recent policy developments in relation to the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). The presentation by DG ENERGY was followed by an in-depth discussion and question and answer session to reach a common understanding of the complex new provisions set out in RED II, in particular, targets and target calculation, fuel-specific questions, upcoming delegated acts and reviews and a joint EU database.

Headline 2: Renewable Electricity in Transport and the Concept of Additionality

The second session of CT5 explored whether and how mechanisms to promote biofuels can effectively support the electrification of transport as well. Presentations by two Member States and the California Air Resources Board illustrated different support mechanisms for renewable electricity and electrification in the transport sector, both as part of GHG-based schemes and a combination of different measures. Presenters also highlighted challenges that remain. After a lively discussion with the experts, the session concluded with a presentation by the Oeko-Institut on the concept of additionality and how approaches developed under the UNFCCC could be used to assess additionality in relation to renewable electricity in the transport sector.

Headline 3: Longer-term Strategic Considerations for Biofuels Policy and Use of Biofuels in Aviation and Maritime

The third session of CT5 focused on longer-term strategic considerations for biofuels policy beyond 2030. A representative from DG ENERGY gave a presentation on the EU 2050 Climate Plan with a focus on renewable energy in transport, followed by presentations from two participating countries on their policies to promote biofuels in the aviation and maritime sector. The participating experts discussed the use of biofuels in non-road sectors like aviation and maritime, including the impact on current support schemes and markets, with E4Tech presenting on a study which investigated how multipliers for aviation biofuels might impact on different biodiesel producers.