CT4 & CT5 - Sustainability Governance and Standards for Voluntary Schemes - Webinar session

|   CT 4

At the start of the session, the Commission provided a short overview of ongoing work, including a strategy for energy system integration as well as other policy papers to move towards a carbon neutral future. DG ENER also briefly presented the tentative schedule for implementing acts and delegated acts related to biomass and biofuels.

During the presentation by DG ENER, the discussions focused on the recognition process of voluntary schemes, setting out the timelines for different workstreams, including updates to the assessment template for voluntary schemes, assessment and recognition of the schemes on the one hand and implementing legislation on the other hand. A further point of discussion was the supervision issue of certification bodies. Member States are required to supervise the operation of certification bodies (CB) under RED II, but there are open questions on how Member States might want to implement this, in particular in relation to certification bodies operating outside the EU.

A Q&A session was held at the end of the webinar session with DG ENER representatives and participants and mainly focused on answering interpretation questions regarding sustainability governance, verification and audit, supervision of certification bodies, mass balance, biomass fuels and biogas installations, biomethane and GHG savings criteria, biomass classifications, additional criteria, REDIIBIO project and the NUTS reports.