CT5 - Updates on Transport Targets and RED II Implementation - Webinar session

|   CT 5

During the first part of the webinar, Core Theme 5 leader shared results from the participant survey, which was circulated in preparation for the webinar. The results related to questions on national policy updates, implementation of the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), the overall impact of COVID-19 and recycled carbon fuels.

As part of the first part of the session, the Commission provided an update on recent policy developments (for example, proposals on aviation and maritime fuels) and  presented the tentative schedule for implementing acts (e.g. operational guidance on forest biomass criteria, standards for and recognition of voluntary scheme) and delegated acts (e.g. greenhouse gas saving methodology and thresholds for recycled carbon fuels, among others). Furthermore, the presentation set out the complexities of the mass balance system by sharing a number of case studies, and challenges and next steps for determining waste and residues as biofuel feedstocks under the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). The presentation was followed by a question and answers session, which included clarifications questions on provisions in the RED II for renewable fuels of non-biological origin and biomethane.

The second half of the webinar focused on the topic of recycled carbon fuels (RCFs). A representative from UK’s Department for Transport presented a proposed GHG accounting methodology for recycled carbon fuels. The UK is currently developing a GHG methodology for implementation by 2021. The methodology will help to distinguish between RCFs that do and that do not deliver genuine greenhouse gas savings and help to set an appropriate level of reward.