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SEEMLA Project

The Horizon2020 funded project SEEMLA, which is an acronym forSustainable exploitation of biomass for bioenergy from marginal lands”, aims to establish sustainable innovative land use strategies to produce biomass for energy purposes. The competition between traditional food production and production of renewable bio-resources on arable land is growing and was also identified as one of the biggest challenges of bioenergy strategies. The use of marginal lands could lower the pace of this competition. In order to facilitate these efforts, foresters and farmers are directly involved in the process.  

The project set the following main objectives:

  1. assessing the availability and suitability of marginal lands as alternative production sites for renewable resources;

  2. classifying the identified marginal lands in order to develop specific land use options for different sites;

  3. developing strategies and recommendations for policy and administration to foster the sustainable utilization on the regional and EU level;

  4. developing and implementing a set of specific indicators for assessing potentials for biomass production;

  5. evaluating and testing the effectiveness of SEEMLA project approach in pilot areas;

  6. transferring knowledge and promoting a process of discussion

SEEMLA also aimed to improve ecosystem services and have a positive impact on biodiversity while ensuring environmental and socio-economic sustainability.

The project is coordinated by the FNR, the Agency for Renewable Resources (Germany) and will end in December, 2018. The final event is taking place from 20th -21st November 2018 in Brussels.

Among others, the project produced an overview of relevant policies for biomass resources that can be used on marginal lands and regulations concerning marginal lands at the regional level, Member State level and EU level.


For more information or to download project materials, please follow this link: http://seemla.eu/en/documents/

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