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Solar District Heating and actions from Policy to Market (SDHp2m)

In the framework of the Horizon2020 funded SDHp2m project, market uptake challenges for a wider use of solar district heating and cooling systems are being addressed. The project also aims to develop support measures for the use of large-scale solar thermal plants combined with other RES in district heating and cooling systems.

These incentives are focusing on nine regions with the participation of regional regulatory authorities: Germany (Thuringia, metropolitan region Hamburg) Austria (Styria), France (Auvergne Rhone-Alpes) Bulgaria (Varna Region), Italy (Valle d’Aosta Region and Veneto Region), Poland (Mazovian Region) and Sweden (Västra Götaland Region).

The project aims to trigger the installation and planning of new district heating and cooling and solar district heating systems. The focus in on SDH combined with biomass in villages without district heating, SDH combined with existing district heating using biomass as primary fuel, and integration of SDH in existing DH systems in cities. Among others, the project produces guidelines for these three technology solutions.

SDHp2m uses a three step work program:

1. strategy and action planning based on a survey, best practices and stakeholder consultation

2. an implementation phase (starting at an early stage)

3. dissemination of the project results at national and international level

The knowledge center (plant and knowledge database, related projects) of the project can be accessed here: https://www.solar-district-heating.eu/en/knowledge-center/

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