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2nd Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum

The second Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum was held on 5 November 2018, in Lanzarote Canary Islands, Spain. The attendees were representatives of the EU islands, island associations, the European Union, national and local administrations, and the energy industry, who play a key role in the clean energy transition.

They discussed the progress made on the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative, enhanced collaboration and shared best practices. The transformation of energy systems, which benefits the local economies, was discussed.

The Forum`s agenda set the following thematic priorities:

  • Multilevel governance for clean energy transition

  • Building stakeholders' engagement and bottom-up approach to decarbonisation

  • Outermost Regions' experience in pursuing zero-emission transformation

  • Best practice in planning island-wide decarbonisation

In the course of the event, a call for expression of interest was launched. Islands that wish to receive support for advancing clean energy transition can apply. The call is open until January 15, 2019.

For further information on the call, please contact the EU Islands Secretariat at: myriam.castanie(at)euislands.eu

Please find more information under the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/info/news/rise-eu-islands-clean-energy-transition-front-second-forum-lanzarote-highlights-islands-energy-potential-2018-nov-07_en

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