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Renewable Energy Progress Report

On 16 June 2015, the European Commission published the progress report on 2020 renewable energy targets, showing that the EU is on track to meet its 20% renewable energy targets.

The report shows that the EU is on track to meet its 20% renewable energy targets. 26% of the EU's power is generated from renewables and about 10% of the total EU electricity is sourced from variable renewable electricity (ex. solar and wind). Unfortunately, progress in the transport sector has been rather slow - 5.7% renewable energy in transport was reached in 2014. Reaching the 2020 target in transport is challenging, but feasible.

The progress report also showed that the RES-Directive is resulting in important environmental savings: namely that 388Mt of CO2 emissions were avoided in 2013 and that the EU demand of fossil fuels was reduced by 116 Mtoe in the same year.

Member States that are currently lagging behind need to reassess their national renewable energy policies to ensure more steady RE growth and progress toward the 2020 targets.

Some facts:

  • 46% of final energy consumption in the EU is used for heating and cooling
  • RES share in the heating and cooling sector was estimated to be 16.6% in 2014
  • In 2013, gross electricity generation from RES reached 823 TWh
  • 19 Member States may even exceed their 2020 renewable energy targets

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