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EU-Wide Solar PV Business Models - Guidelines for Implementation

The European Union is the world leader in solar in terms of having the most total installed capacity, in 2016 has crossed the 1000 GW of solar PV. It is estimated that the European PV market could grow by as much as 145% by 2020, which is a real potential for EU solar deployment over the coming years.

This document is a broad guide for both professional and non-professional investors and developers to the main solar PV application segments, financing schemes and business models in use across Europe. The guideline looks mainly at the self-consumption, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), cooperative and Virtual Power Plant business models. These business models are not mutually exclusive and are currently in use in the EU today or being considered for the future.

Costs, specifics of business models and regulatory frameworks are enormously different across the EU. It is inevitable that investors look into the national circumstances in the target market in detail before proceeding. This guide attempts to bring together common traits from across Europe and highlight differences. Specific examples of barriers and case studies from different countries are also introduced.

The guideline concludes the followings:

  • innovation in financing mechanisms and business models is only possible when the basic regulatory framework allows for new entrants and ways of doing things
  • the next generation of solar business models will have to reduce risks for investors
  • it is of critical importance to help banks and other financial institutions gain a better understanding of PV as a technology and the different business models involved

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