Core Theme 2:

RES Heat (Art. 3, 13, 14, 16)


Core Theme 2 covers on site generation of heating or cooling as well as renewable district heating and cooling in buildings. It includes various aspects such as policies to address, financial barriers, non-financial barriers and regulation. With regard to Article 3 of the RES Directive, support schemes for RES, this Core Theme will only deal with support schemes for RES heating and cooling.

It is worth emphasising that all scales of heat generation are covered since all renewable heat (both large and small) will either serve on-site heat demand or be exported to other sites (i.e. district heating and cooling). The term “on-site generation” is used to mean any situation where some energy is both generated and consumed on a particular site.

Within the scope of Core Theme 2, discussions will cover all the building types and tenure. The sessions will also deal with issues related to “Information and Training”. covered in article 14 of the RES directive, namely topics like the information on support schemes for Renewable Energy Sources, how to reach information on the net benefits and general awareness on RES to all relevant actors at the local and regional levels and how to implement certified or qualified training of installers of RES. B Core Theme 2 will ensure a coordinated approach with other European Initiatives in the field of energy buildings such as CA-EPBD, CA-EED and the Build Up Skills initiative.