Core Theme 4:

Biomass Mobilisation and Sustainability (Art. 4, 17(9))


CA-RES3 CT4 will focus on specific topics requiring a better exchange of information or experience between participating countries to help achieve a more efficient and increased use, production and trade of sustainable bioenergy sources. Countries are at different stages in their bioenergy development therefore they can learn from each other on bioenergy policies to increase mobilization, production and use.

The main potential topics are as follows:

  • The role of the bioenergy in meeting the national target
  • Biomass mobilization strategies
  • Barriers and challenges, good practice and implementation of policies
  • Development of trade and creation of efficient markets for biomass
  • Facilitating regional incentives
  • Addressing cross-acceptance  issues between markets for wood, fuels, biogas and bio-based products
  • Resource efficiency (mobilisation away from current inefficient practices)
  • Resolving risk issues concerning compliance of existing and additional bioenergy capacities with sustainable bioenergy policy until 2020
  • Other adjacent of policy developments (e.g. resource efficiency, bio-economy, carbon dynamics)