Core Theme 5:

RES in Transport (Art. 17-19)


In the Core Theme 5, issues for implementing and achieving the goals from the Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC (RED) will be addressed taking into account that, among others, interactions between the RES Directive and the Fuel Quality Directive have a significant impact on the RES transport.  CT5 will focus on implementation of the Directive 2015/17 (Indirect Land Use Changes, ILUC) and the RES Directive 10% target.

It is foreseen that the sessions will include a variety of topics with the subject of 2020 implementation of the RES Directive/ILUC, like:

  • Blend wall challenges – e.g. introduce higher level biofuels to achieve the full 10 % target
  • Crop cap introductions – shared experience on setting and implementing a cap
  • Promotion of Annex IX part (A feedstocks) – shared experience on policies to encourage the development of advanced fuels
  • Availability of waste feedstock – shared research on availability of and deployment of waste derived biofuels
  • Modal deployment – experience and ideas from participating countries in deploying biofuels in challenging areas (for example: Heavy Good Vehicles)