Core Theme 1:

RES Electricity (Art. 3, 4, 6-11, 16)


Participating countries face a number of new challenges when designing effective and efficient RES-E support measures. Support schemes and electricity markets need to be reformed in order to correspond to RES development in terms of increasing RES shares in the electricity grid, as well as technology development and market maturity of different technologies, and increasing public concerns about RES cost-effectiveness of electricity supply. CT1 will address topics related to three central subjects: RES-E support scheme design, cooperation mechanisms and system integration of RES electricity.

One of the main aims of Core Theme 1 will be to identify, present and exchange experience of best practices on support schemes for RES-E. Parallel to evaluating best practices, another principal aim of CT1 will be to identify principles, successful approaches and design features of support schemes that could be applied among participant states. Such a bottom up approach has been strongly supported by participating countries and could lead to a gradual convergence of support schemes. Solutions should stimulate competitiveness of energy markets and help secure the energy supply cost-efficiently. Building on the successful elements for coordination that have been developed in CA RES II, these efforts should be continued.