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CT3 - 1st Plenary Meeting in Bratislava

|   CT 3

Highlights Core Theme 3: Guarantees of Origin and Disclosure

Headline 1: Distribution and Grid Losses in Connection to the Issuance of GOs

CT3 participants looked at current approaches regarding line and grid losses in Europe in connection to the issuance and the usage of GOs (i.e. disclosure). After looking at the different models currently used throughout Europe, participants discussed, in break-out groups, the various pros and cons of each approach. Additionally, participants explored possible consequences, if these approaches would not be aligned or harmonized.

At the moment, line and grid losses are not completely accounted for in all Member States. These issues will become increasingly important as the share of RES-E increases. Loss rates differ quite significantly from country to country as a result of local conditions. Participants discussed all theoretically possible solutions, including the option to deduct losses directly at the moment of issuing of GOs or alternatively (voluntary) cancellation by consumers themselves.  Most practical and therefore preferred options however would be either cancellation by the TSO/DSO for total losses within their grids or cancellation for all grid losses incurred by suppliers (when supplying electricity to their customers).

Headline 2: Non-Electricity GO

Duing the second CT3 session, an in-depth look at the current approach on H/C, CHP and biomethane was provided. Regarding biomethane, the possibility of having national biomethane registries as issuing bodies for GOs and participating in a mutual recognition system for exports of biomethane was discussed.

Participants then went on to discuss currently operating different GOs systems, like the GOs for heating and cooling, CHP and other types of energy. Participants emphasized that it is important to look into the consequences of introducing other types of GOs and whether they should interact with the available GO systems. Concerns related, among others, to their inclusion in statistics also need to be resolved.

Headline 3: RES GO and CHP GO

During the 3rd session, CT3 participants looked at potential issues related to the issuance of GO for CHP. Among other points, participants discussed which elements should be considered or which attributes should be registered when issuing a GO for biomass CHP.