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CT2 - RES - Renewable Cooling Guidelines - Webinar session

|   5. Highlights

As DG ENER is currently preparing a calculation methodology for renewable cooling, the aim of the session was to provide a platform for the Commission to present and discuss the preliminary Renewable Cooling Guidance, inclusive definition and calculation methodology; and help MS to know how to use the guidance to support the transposition of the renewable cooling elements of REDII. A representative from DG ENER began the session by explaining and informing the participants about the current ongoing discussions and the background of the Renewable Cooling Guidance Documents.

Representatives from three organizations (TU Vienna, EURAC, Armines) presented the initial outcomes of the study on the topic of “Renewable Cooling under the Revised Renewable Energy Directive”. The goals of the study are to, inter alia, quantify current final energy consumption for cooling (as well as its development until 2030 and 2050); provide an overview of technologies for cooling and related technological trends; investigate how much various cooling technologies are able to deliver renewable cooling; develop renewable cooling definitions in line with RED II and related RES-shares; deliver the equations with regard to the recommended methods; assess impacts as well as benefits and costs of proposed definitions; develop recommendations on how statistical reporting can be utilized for RES-C; be in line with the updated EPBD, implementing regulations of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives and the new F-gas Regulation; and support the implementation of the RED II – accomplishment of the EU 2030 goal (Article 3), quantification of the renewable energy shares (Article 7), the provisions regarding H&C (Article 23) as well as DHC (Article 24).

The session was concluded with a question and answer session with the panelists and the participants on outstanding questions regarding renewable cooling.