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CT4 - Bioenergy Role in the National Energy and Climate Plans - Webinar session

|   5. Highlights

DG ENER provided an overview of the state of play of RED II bioenergy implementing acts. Further an overview of other EU initiatives relevant for bioenergy was given. According to the RED II, three implementing acts are due in 2021 (operational guidance on forest biomass criteria Art 29(8) RED II by 31 January 2021; standards for voluntary schemes, Art 30(8) RED II by 30 June 2021; and recognition of voluntary schemes, Art 30(4) RED II by 1 July 2021). The work on them is currently in progress.

The NECP assessment is looking at the role of bioenergy in the NECPs and its link with CAP Strategic Plans. In this context, an overview of planned bioenergy consumption until 2030 across MS was provided. Overall, with the data available so far, no substantial increase in the consumption of bioenergy until 2030 is expected, but there is an uncertainty because not all data are available.

The second part of the presentation focused on CAP Strategic Plans and links to the NECPs. DG AGRI presented the CAP strategic plans and links to the NECPs, emphasizing a new delivery model for CAP post-2020 in which MS will have more flexibility and discretion to design and implement interventions in the new CAP strategic plans. The role of the Commission will be to disseminate best practices to support the preparation of capacity building in the MS. Two Member States shared their NECP targets and measures until 2030 and the role of bioenergy therein.