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CT5 - 7th Plenary Meeting

|   5. Highlights

Highlights Core Theme 5: RES in Transport

Policy Updates and RED II Implementation

This webinar session looked at RED II implementation across EU Member States, progress towards existing targets and included a policy update from the European Commission (DG ENER). During the first part of the webinar, Core Theme 5 leader shared results from the participant survey, which was circulated in preparation for the webinar. The survey responses provided updates on some national policy, implementation of the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), the overall impact of COVID-19 as well as general policies and data. The survey results showed that in many participating countries share of renewable fuels in transport is increasing and most countries are confident they will meet the 2020 target. Participating countries also discussed COVID-19 impact on fuel demand and the renewable fuel and transport sector.

Two Member States, namely France and Slovakia, presented on their national implementation of the RED II. France presented a draft law that is currently under discussion at the French Parliament that will include a number of new provisions, including for example the introduction of a mandate for aviation from 2022, lower cap for biofuels produced from soy, and new eligible products (renewable electricity, hydrogen in refineries). This led to some discussion about the nature of the aviation fuel mandate and measures differentiating between different crop-based biofuels. Slovakia presented on how national climate policies shape renewable energy policies and highlighted some of the existing challenges related to RED II implementation, including for example complex issues related to forest biomass.

A representative from DG ENER provided a short update on recent policy developments at EU level, focusing on the impact of the European Green Deal and the expected dates for the next steps. DG ENER gave an overview on upcoming delegated and implementing acts for REDII.  The session ended with a lively and interactive discussion question and answer session related to the challenges of the RED II implementation.