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CT3 -7th Plenary Meeting

|   5. Highlights

Highlights Core Theme 3: Guarantees of Origin and Disclosure

Standardisation of GOs

According to RED II, there will need to be an updated official EN standard for GOs. Work on this issue is being done through national standardization bodies. During the session, participants heard about the latest news and information on the standard from the convenor of the GO CEN standard as well as from national experts. At the end of the session, the participants also got the opportunity to ask questions and provide inputs in order to facilitate national implementation of RED II.

The EN standard update through the CEN process has to be finalized by July 2021. After that date, MS implementation has to be brought in line with the EN-standard (see Article 19 of the RES Directive). Therefore, it is of utmost importance that all MS make sure to look into (and if deemed necessary to feed into) the CEN-process in a timely manner. Participation in this process naturally goes through the regular procedures, involving national standardization bodies and their procedures and reaching out to all national stakeholders.

Consumer Information: Principles for faithfully accounting for losses and regulatory follow-up of other information

Energy conversion and/ or sector integration will become more important as the total share of RES will rise for all types of GOs. As this issue relates to both GO and consumer information, it seems timely to develop a set of generic rules that take into account energy losses when handling GOs (e.g. withdrawing and (re)issuing when converting biogas to heat) and calculating residual mix (e.g. lump reduction for heat losses in H/C network). Moreover, although regulators have an obligation to monitor the suppliers’ use of the RES volume based on GOs, participants had the chance to share information about the regulatory follow up of the other information based on GOs (e.g. if suppliers claim that the energy is non-subsidized or is from domestic/national producers).