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CT1: Governance, Target Achievement and Cooperation

Core Theme 1: Governance, Target Achievement and Cooperation

This Core Theme facilitates the integrated governance for renewable energy under the energy union governance framework. This Core Theme addresses links between the RES Directive (EU) 2018/2001 and the Governance Regulation. Those are also relevant to other Core Themes. Specifically, topics of this Core Theme are: integrated planning and reporting, regional cooperation (including where appropriate, links to cooperation mechanisms between Member States), including steps that could be taken to improve alignment of different governance levels (EU, national regional and local).

This Core Theme addresses Art. 3 (Binding overall Union target for 2030), Art. 7 (Calculation of the share of energy from renewable sources) of the RES Directive (EU) 2018/2001, including interactions with the Governance Regulation, providing a framework for integration of strategic planning and reporting, multi-level energy dialogue and regional cooperation. Specifically, relevant aspects of the Governance Regulation such as Art. 4 (national objectives, targets and contributions), Art. 9 (NECPs), Art. 12 (regional cooperation), Art. 20 (integrated reporting on renewable energy), Art. 25 (integrated reporting on research, innovation and competitiveness) and Art. 27 (reporting on 2020 targets) will be addressed. These issues are also handled in the respective Core Themes (CT2, CT3, CT5, and CT6).

Regarding regional cooperation as per the Governance Regulation, potential topics could include regional cooperation to facilitate better coordination of national policies and measures and implementation of relevant policies and measures of the NECPs, joint approaches to renewable development, support to cross-border projects and cooperation between subnational actors.