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TF GO: Task Force on Guarantees of Origin and Disclosure

Task Force on Guarantees of Origin and Disclosure

Art. 15.8 (regulatory and administrative barriers to long-term RES PPAs) and Art. 19 (Guarantees of origin for energy from renewable sources) fall within the scope of this Core Theme, but they will be dealt with through a task force. Provisions of the internal market for electricity Directive (EU) 2019/944 on common rules for the internal market in electricity (recast) that are relevant for Guarantees of Origin, and specifically Annex I.5 (disclosure of energy sources), will be taken into account. A permanent task force member will be assigned under CT6 to deal with Guarantees of Origin issues as well as related consumer information issues. This person will lead on organising /coordinating parallel sessions on this topic in parallel with the work of CT6. He/she will advance the topic in parallel to the normal work cycle of this Core Theme through collection of information from MS and/or analysis and producing the associated working document for the parallel session(s). Additional task force members will be recruited as appropriate. It is envisaged that the number of sessions dedicated to the topic of Guarantees of Origin will be driven by the number and type of topics demanded by the participants. Sessions on this topic in each plenary meeting are not foreseen. The Task Force on Guarantees of Origin and Disclosure will cooperate with other Core Themes as appropriate.