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5th Plenary Meeting

The fifth Plenary Meeting of the CA-RES4 was held from 18th-19th October 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

You can find the Session Highlights of all Plenary Meetings here:

Session Highlights


The following topics were discussed:


Core Theme 1: Governance, target achievement and cooperation

Session 2: Detailed view on the RED III target architecture

Session 14: NECP updates, the new EU RES target and the 2.5% target top-up


Core Theme 2: RES Electricity

Session 10: Support schemes for RES electricity and storage flexibility


Core Theme 3: Decarbonising Heating and Cooling

Session 3: Solar thermal: Why is it still in the shadow? Examples and best practices all over EU.

Session 6: Implementation issues of new RES directive (article 23) in the heating and cooling sector


Core Theme 4: Biomass Mobilisation and Sustainability

Session 5: Certification of post-consumer waste

Session 13: Towards a European biomethane market


Core Theme 5: Decarbonising Transport

Session 1: Follow-up: Interactions between Fit-for-55-policies related to transport

Session 7: (1) Accounting of RFNBOs and renewable electricity in transport in national RED implementation; (2) UDB


Core Theme 6: Consumer/Citizen´s Engagement

Session 9: Business models for “non electricity” Renewable Energy Communities

Session 11: Schemes for implementation of self-consumption in view of its wide expansion


TF GO: Guarantees of Origin and Consumer Information

Session 12: Latest generic policy developments on GO as well as national implementation of non-electricity GO


Joint Session CT2/CT6

Session 4: Support schemes for RES electricity plants and RECs: levelling the playing field


DG Ener Sessions

Session 8: Support schemes for RES electricity plants and RECs: levelling the playing field

Session 15: New provisions in RED3 on permitting, including repowering