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CT6: Consumer/Citizen´s Engagement

Core Theme 6: Consumer/Citizen´s Engagement

This Core Theme will address measures to empower individual consumers and renewable energy communities to participate in renewable energy markets. It examines market and regulatory incentives to renewables self-consumers and renewable energy communities as well as barriers and opportunities for various RES self-consumer models.

Specifically, this Core Theme facilitates the understanding of renewable energy communities (definitions, legal structure and models) and the barriers for their uptake and measures to overcome those barriers. The Core Theme discusses enabling policy and regulatory frameworks and legislation to facilitate renewable energy communities, renewables self-consumers (including jointly acting renewables self-consumers).

The Core Theme also facilitates sharing experience on successful approaches for community/citizen engagement. This Core Theme addresses Art. 21 (Renewables self-consumers), Art. 22 (Renewable energy communities), Art. 15(3) (integration and deployment of renewable energy, including for renewables self-consumption and renewable energy communities), Art. 17 (Simple-notification procedure for grid connections) and where appropriate Art. 18.1 and 18.6 (Information and training).