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1st Plenary Meeting

The first Plenary Meeting of the CA-RES4 was held online from 17th-18th November 2021.

You can find the Session Highlights of all Plenary Meetings here:

Session Highlights


The following topics were discussed:


Core Theme 1: Governance, target achievement and cooperation

Session 2: Governance: integrated planning and reporting and the mechanisms for EU

Session 8: Regional Cooperation: Policy instruments as tools for keeping the 2020 targets as baseline and achieving the trajectory to 2030 (e.g. new Union Renewable Development Platfrom and the RES Financing Mechanism) and Offshore RES cooperation (esp.regional 2050-targets, EC guidance)


Core Theme 2: RES Electricity

Session 3: Administrative barriers


Core Theme 3: Decarbonising Heating and Cooling

Session 4: Comprehensive assessment (focusing mainly on renewables)

Session 9: Renewable cooling


Core Theme 4: Biomass Mobilisation and Sustainability

Session 6: Sustainability for biomass fuels, state of play policy and implementation RED II

Session 10: Ensuring reliable sustainability information of biomass fuels


Core Theme 5: Decarbonising Transport

Session 1: Lessons learned: RED I experiences, opportunities and challenges and its influence on the RED II implementation

Session 7: Promoting renewablles in international mobility sectors (aviation/sea shipping/inland shipping); Interaction between sectors within the RED and possibly other (upcoming EU) legislation


Core Theme 6: Consumer/Citizen´s Engagement

Session 5: The development of RE communities in Memeber States: Euorpean & MS legal and regulatory frameworks, transfer of experience

Session 11: Addressing the future of RE communities. Analysis of existing barriers and potential of RE communities development


Joint Session CT1/CT2

Session 12: CEEAG: Reconciling competition and target achievement in times of higher ambition