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BECOOP: e-market *

A new energy market tool connects biomass heating supply chain actors.

BECoop, a project funded by the Horizon 2020 program, aims at developing market potential of community bioenergy, fostering new links and partnerships. BECoop is launching a new tool to support actors involved in creating or updating community (bio)energy projects. This new e-market environment highlights the interactions between actors and the activities/services needed to set up an effective and sustainable local supply chain and community bioenergy project and streamline the process. A second version will be ready by April 2023, and all stakeholders are invited to contribute to the development of the environment. The tool is aimed at all European stakeholders involved in bioenergy, the biomass supply chain, and energy communities. Biomass owners/suppliers/management companies, equipment manufacturers, ESCOs and installers, cooperatives/energy communities/RESCoops, investors, research centers, public institutions, and many more can explore the offers and needs uploaded by others submit their own. The offers and demands can be filtered by category (products, services, advice, etc.), country, and type of actor.

The BECoop project aims to make community bioenergy projects more attractive to potentially interested actors and to foster new connections and partnerships between the international bioenergy community.

The tool can be found here:

E-Market - BEcoop (fcirce.es)