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1st CA-RES & CA-EED & CA-EPBD, Barcelona, 2020

First CA Joint Workshop in Barcelona from 30th-31st January 2020

The Joint Workshop brought together the Concerted Action for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD), the Concerted Action for the Renewable Energy Sources Directive (CA RES) and the Concerted Action for the Energy Efficiency Directive (CA EED). The event took place in Barcelona, Spain on the 30th and 31st January 2020. During the course of the Joint Workshop, over 220 experts, policy makers and implementers gathered to discuss issues related to the implementation of the three Directives in Member States, Norway, Iceland and the UK.

This was the first Joint Concerted Action Workshop, of this scale, to include experts working on three different policy areas: energy performance of buildings; renewable energy sources; and energy efficiency. By bringing together policy makers and implementers from these three groups, the workshop aimed to increase understanding of the different policy areas and help delegates identify the potential synergies in how the three Directives can be implemented. A key focus was to encourage dialogue between participants, through which they can identify possible cooperation opportunities on these cross-cutting areas and also identify ways to improve the coordination between institutions that implement the Directives.

Joint Workshop Proceedings

Joint Workshop Presentations

    Session 1&4 - Unlocking the Potential of Renewables and Energy Efficiency at District Level - EIB - RODRIGUES

    Session 1&4 - Zero energy communities - HOOS

    Session 1&4 - Community energy Scotland - EGNER

    Session 1&4 - European Green Cities - KRABSEN

    Session 1&4 - Introduction

    Session 2 - Interlinkages - Danish reflections - BACH

    Session 2 - Introduction

    Session 2 - The Governance Regulation and how it Interacts with the 3 Directives - DE

    Session 3 - Changing Consumers Behaviour - IR

    Session 3 - Introduction

    Session 3 - The human dimension of the energy transition - STEG

    Session 6 - Energy poverty - DG ENER

    Session 6 - Measures to combat energy poverty in Flanders (Belgium) - VERMEIREN

    Session 6 - Introduction

    Session 6 - Energy Poverty Policies and Measures in 2017 LTRSs and CoM - JRC

    Session 7 - Introduction

    Session 7 - MENTI

    Session 7 - Requirements for waste heat and renewable heat delivered by district heating in the Netherlands - BOSSELAR

    Session 7 - New building codes for NZEB - LAUSTSEN

    Session 7 - Waste heat - DG ENER

    Session 8 - Introduction

    Session 8 - Assessment of the 2nd MS Long-term Renovation Strategies (2017)

    Session 8 - Recent Long Term Renovation Strategy (LTRS) experiences - JANKOVIC

    Session 8 - Recent Long Term Renovation Strategy (LTRS) experiences - DE SANTIAGO

    Session 9 - Synergy of RES and EE measures - BUKARICA

    Session 10 - Boosting investments for sustainable energy use - SWEATMAN - EEFIG

    Session 10 - Smart Financing possibilities for energy efficiency and renewables - RODRIGUES

    Session 10 - Accelerating sustainable home renovation: EuroPACE implementation in Spain and Europe

    Session 10 - Introduction

    Session 10 - Innovative financing solutions - DG ENER

    Session 10 - MENTI

    Session 12 - Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency - THOMAS

    Session 12 - Reflections on Scotland`s Approach - SHEPPARD

    Session 12 - The relevance of multiple impacts of decarbonization - MZAVANADZE