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2nd CA-RES & CA-EED & CA-EPBD, Madrid, 2023

Second CA Joint Workshop in Madrid from 21st-22nd September 2023

Skills are key for the sustainable energy transition. Achieving the 2030 targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency at the EU level depends on the availability of a qualified workforce. A sufficient number of workers with the skills required to master the transition are needed to accomplish this task. Today, there are no sufficient qualified workers in the EU in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. Therefore, it is essential to implement measures to reduce the risk of skills shortages, support the development of new skills, reskill und upskill workers and harmonise training requirements and skills across the EU. Collaboration between companies, authorities, training providers and other actors is key to qualify the skilled workforce necessary for the transition and match skilled workers to job opportunities.

There are linkages between the design and installation of renewable energy technologies for onsite electricity generation and heating&cooling and the designs and construction/installation of energy efficient technologies in the buildings sector. These linkages need to be well addressed during the qualification and training of the workforce, in order to guarantee an optimal performance of the combined systems.

The Three Concerted Actions (CA RES, CA EED, CA EPBD) held a joint workshop focusing on skills for the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors as well as interactions between them. This joint workshop is a contribution to the European Year of Skills 2023. This workshop targeted the three CA communities and explored common challenges and synergies.

Below you will find the Joint Workshop Proceedings as well  as the presentation, which are authorised to be made public. The private presentations can be found on the secure part of the website.

Joint Workshop Proceedings

Joint Workshop Summary Report

Joint Workshop Presentations